Title Services

Examination of public records, including court decisions to determine the past and current facts evidencing the interests in or ownership of real estate.

Types of title searches may include:
   -Full search
   -Current owner search
   -Limited lien search
   -Preliminary judicial search

In the case of the purchase or sale of real estate, escrow is a transaction in which a third party, the title company’s escrow officer, acts as agent for the buyer and seller, carries out the instructions of both (usually in the form of a purchase/sale contract or agreement) and assumes the responsibility of handling documentation and disbursement of funds involved in the transaction.

When financing is involved, the title company’s escrow officer acts as the agent for a lender and acts according to its closing instructions.

Types of Escrow/Closings may include:

 – Residential sales/purchases involving a lender or cash transactions
  – Commercial sales/purchases involving a lender or cash transactions
  – Courtesy closings

Title Insurance
Insurance against loss or damage resulting from title defects not disclosed by the search of the public records. The title to a property may be significantly flawed due to such defects.

Types of Title Insurance Policies include:
   -Owner’s Fee Policy insures the property owner not only against those matters disclosed by public records, but also against those matters NOT included in the public records, such as forged deeds or releases, etc., undisclosed or missing heirs, mistakes in recording legal documents, to name just a few.

   -Loan Policy offers similar but not identical coverage to a lender as that provided to the property owner with Owner’s Fee Policy insurance described above for the person or firm who holds a mortgage on the property as security for a loan.

Additional Services
Some of the other services we provide are:
   – Document retrieval from a county recorder’s office
   – Real estate tax and legal description information
   – Notary services
   – Courtesy filings
   – Lot split approvals

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