Paperless Closer

Paperless Closer is an add-on module to Complete Closing Enterprise (CCE), a part of the RamQuest Title & Escrow Software family that allows Tucker Escrow & Title Services to interact with its business partners via the Internet.

Authorized users, with a valid user name and password can log onto Paperless Closer via the Internet and view the most up-to-date order information. Depending upon the settings we configure, Realtors and Lenders can view order details such as contact information, property information, file status and title and escrow documents. Users can also place an order and receive a live order number immediately from our system. In addition, Paperless Closer enables us to interact with lenders in completing the Closing Disclosure Form. Other features and benefits include 24 hour access, ability to print posted documents, one single login to view all your deals at once, and the opportunity to communicate via email directly with the assigned escrow officer.

Additionally, we can set up CCE to automatically email authorized parties when order events occur. This facilitates the communication link between us and all authorized parties regarding the status of the order. These options save time and resources for answering common order-related questions.

Log into Paperless Closer